The best building in the world of 2015

Two years ago, In my town I casually visit the best building in the world of 2015, It was wonderful because I have never seen in my life a building so fascinating and beautiful, an architectural masterpiece.

Voilà It was Palazzo Valperga Galleani, in Via Alfieri 6, the eyes start to point on a historical facade but when you enter in its courtyard, you see a blend of ancient and modern style with a harmonious result.

The price of the Building of the year 2015 is about its refurbishment made by The Building Group, a success awarded by Archdaily, the most visited architecture site in the world.

Its key points are the contrast between ancient and modern, between outside and interior and the attention to energy saving and safeguarding of its historical heritage without giving up the interior modern design.

Moreover, the building includes a lighting sculptures, its courtyard opened to the public, 36 private apartments, a roof garden and a wellness center.

I strongly recommend to visit it, if you are in Turin.

To know more about the building and the opening hours of its courtyard go to

LR Meltingpot by Lucrezia Reinotti

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