Lady Diana in Venaria Reale

Once upon a time a beautiful princess named Lady Diana and a majestic Palace in Venaria, in this place were collected a lot of photos and memories of the princess.

This fairytale impression was what I saw in wonderful Lady Diana’s exhibition hosted by Palace of Venaria, a tribute to a woman, a mother, a princess and a style icon.  This is a travel in Lady Diana’ s life through a photo exhibition and little quotes of important people known by Lady Diana such as Elton John, Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa.

The first photos show her childhood and her family

Her marriage with Prince Charles

Her children

Her official occasions

Her mission for poor people

Her iconic style

Dedicated to all my follower

To see more about Lady Diana’s Exhibition in Palace of Venaria go to:

LR Meltingpot by Lucrezia Reinotti

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