Modest Fashion at MFW, here is the beauty !

The eye of a needle sinks in a soft shining mantle with golden color textile. 

It’s the time of beauty, the darkness goes down on the city, the lights begin to flash, the air is electric, the curtain rises and beauty begins to dress the suits of the Modest Fashion.

In a mild autumn evening the heart begins to beat for the Modest Fashion.

At the important Milan Fashion Week, the lights come on a new tide of international fashion which challenges the canons of western style.

In the wonderful frame of Milano Fashion week,  The Islamic Fashion Design Council (IFDC), always engaged in sponsoring the Modest Fashion in its several shapes, from Art to fashion, has chosen to organize a  Modest Soiree, where to introduce inspiring fashion designers and their beautiful collections.

This important event takes place at Milano Fashion Library, a sort of fashion temple which preserves the most important fashion publishing in Europe. 

In this special place, the Modest Fashion shows itself naturally in its magnificence, the fashion designers of this runway are carriers of great values which are the roots of its fashion masterpieces.

The fashion designers involved in this event are Bow Boutique, Chantique, Luya Moda and Isabella Caposano.

Bow Boutique is a brand which distinguishes itself for the youth of its fashion designer and its elegant and modern style at the same time, perfect for young ladies. Bow Boutique has already appreciated at Turin Fashion week of the last July.

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Chantique doesn’t failed the expectations, after its success in Turin, in Milan shows an extremely elegant collection rich of measured and harmonious tones, ideal for exalting women beauty.

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Now I want to talk about two brand, new for me which wins the appreciation of Milano Fashion Week parterre.

Luya Moda, is a brand of a fashion designer with a great passion for fashion world and  unique style. Her collection astonishes for its modernity, each items have a recurring feature, that is to say balanced background color and one important piece in the foreground , from golden sunglasses to a flowered blouse, these recurrences make the whole Luya Moda collection, original and coherent at the same time.

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Isabella Caposano, for me is a point of reference for the Modest fashion, because behind her collection, there is a precise philosophy expressed at best by elegance, romance and refinement of its fabric. From a talking with this inspiring fashion designer, I know a particular idea of Modest women reflected by her brand, that is to say a women with a great respect of her body who can represents at best her beauty not uncovering it but dressing it with precious textiles for emphasizing her charme.  

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At this special Modest Soiree I know better  the founders of  the social network “TheShukran” and I understand  its philosophy, that is to say crating a virtual place to meet several different cultures appreciating its differences and values.

At the end,  I meet the representatives  of “ItHaly”, placed with its stores in  Milan and Turin, born to exalt italian quality available to different cultures, thanks to the Hallal certificate of its products; this brand is a sponsor of this special soiree with the media partner “TheShukran”.

A special thanks to IFDC for the special opportunity to attend to this wonderful event, all fashion designers who I have interviewed and the media partner “TheShukran”.


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